October 3, 2009

Oh my, is it schmexy manip time again?

Update: I also just found this one :D

I came across this manip(ples) over at TwiFans and, I swear, it made my thoughts stutter - woah my!

And whilst I was there, I came across these bad boys...
This one just made me laugh :)

Check out more that were a lil' too saucy for me to post over at TwiFans

- Lorabell

P.s. Someone needs to come up with a liner for this pic stat! Suggestions in the comments :)


  1. for picture of carlisle:

    *hmm..yess perhaps you should take off your lengerie next ;)*

  2. Lol, that Carlisle pic makes me laugh... I kinda imagine him saying something like...

    "Well hellllo there! Do you like my fancy button work?"

    Or maybe it's just me. Yeah. Probably.

  3. OME! That manip of Rob is pretty bad. You can tell the body got be-headed & then re-attached.

  4. For the Carlisle one, how bout:
    "Take a trip on my time machine baby, cuz it's a smooooth ride."

  5. "I'm too sexy for this shirt...too sexy for this shirt...so sexy it hurts"

  6. Hmm... "Game on, but I'll warn you... I AM the vampire arm-wrestling champion."

  7. agree that he looks like he's watching someone undress!!

    "Carlisle taking in the scene at the strip-club, circa 1796..."

    "That's right, Faith Constance, I said take it alllll off...slowly...one petticoat at a time...oh yeah lemme see those knickers, girl..."

    : )

  8. @STY: LMFAO - dead on, girl!
    - Lorabell :D

  9. *hmm..yess perhaps you should take off your lengerie next ;)*
    This is so good:D

  10. Carlisle's saying "Hellooooo, would you like to come and pop my buttons??"

  11. I think the first two manips don't look like Rob's body...but if I squint really hard... :)
    no really....whenever you post these, I just about faint!

  12. @Snarkier - LOL "Faith Constance" That is hilarious. Yours is my favorite.

  13. "Ohh, thoust ankles maketh me moisteth, oh art thou going to be naughty and flasheth me some shin as well?!?"

  14. That pic of Carlisle/Peter is hilarious!! I picture him saying:

    I'm bringing sexy back....yeah!! or Let's get it on.... or When I get this feeling I need sexual healing..

    Thanks for posting!!

  15. lols for the Carlilse pic Im imagining him saying. "Take it off slower. Good girl." I don't know lols. The Rob pics are awsometastic!

  16. "Can you dancing Single Lady for me?" :) I love Peter!!!!

  17. carlise in picture....

    "i'm a doctor. who may i hurt you?"


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