October 20, 2009

Oh happy trail *sigh* you do make me smile :)

Click for sweet dreams
It took me a while to be coherent enough to post this... it's just... it's... hypnotizing!

Thanks Thinking of Rob

- Lorabell *stutter*


  1. Maybe it's the after effects of food poisoning but I'm crushing on Felix (Daniel Cudmore). I can't help it, he's massive and I have a soft spot for tall, beefy men.

  2. WoW, how I wish I could lay next to him ;)

  3. Boy, that man laying on the floor is so beautiful."sigh"

  4. By the way, beautiful hipbone. double "sigh"

  5. It just amazes me that he doesn't realize that most of us see Robert and NOT Edward and are soooooo willing to take a finger walk along his happy trail and break his no date hiatus!!

  6. Is it wrong that I wanna lick that nipple? Nom Nom Nom.
    I totally wanna put this pic as my wallpaper, but I would never get anything done.

    Oh Robpower...

    WV - Desors -- as in I desors to licky the nippy


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