October 30, 2009

NM Toys R Us Store NYC

Check out We Are The Trinty for more pics from inside Time Square's Toys 'R' Us New Moon store.

Just look at all that swag - as well as Bella and Jacob's bikes used in the movie and the Volturi thrones - eeek!

Apparently, this was the originally released location as the NY location for the cast tour but was then deleted? Hmmm...

- Lorabell


  1. Is it still there? *Wants to go check it out*

    Also, where are they having the cast tour in NYC?

  2. Now why can't the ToysRus in Maine have those toys?! I'd be skipping through the isles like Geoffrey the freaking giraffe.

    I brought my son there a few days ago to get a halloween costume. I walked through the door and BAM New Moon merch everywhere! Needless to say I left there with an arm full of New Moon goodies and no costume. I guess I wont be getting any mother of the year awards.


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