October 13, 2009

NM Soundtrack Early Release This Friday!

Sooo... if we demand the movie early can we see it this weekend too?! :D

Via Twilight Twitter

- Lorabell

P.s. You can listen to it over here!


  1. Wow, I think this soundtrack is like a Jay-Z or other major hip-hop star album, get's leaked and an early released occurs.

  2. I agree with TJB. You read my mind.

    In fact, I have it already! Present from the BF. :-) I don't ask where he gets it from! Don't worry, I already paid for the iTunes album.

  3. Hehe I didn't like it! :-( You're right Lorabell maybe we should demand to see New Moon earlier! haha Nov. 20? What the heck!

  4. @Lorabell, I totally agree with you ;) How awesome would that be hehe :)

  5. LOL @ lorabell- my thoughts exactly!!
    I've been asking a friend who lets just say can get movies well before they're out in theatre, from other countries, but this sucker is under lock and key in fort freakn knox!! Not even any rough unfinished cuts floating around:(( Guess well have to wait!!!

  6. i can't believe that the soundtrack is going to be released this fri!!! i wrote it on my calendar wrong a long time ago and i was sitting with my itunes on at 12:01 this morning.. crap!!! i can't believe i don't have to wait till next tues!!! yay!!!!


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