October 19, 2009

NM Game Card New Stills - Oooh!

Um, am I mistaken or are we seeing Robward beyond Bella's POV here?!


Holy merchandise over-load - there are gaming cards now?!

Via ROBsessed and TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. Not so excited about the card game even though I own it. Can't wait for Scene It? Wii - then you'll hear the friggin' excitement.

  2. Oh man the Scene 6 photo is so emotionally charged. I don't know how much more I can take before I sponateously combust! Please hurry up Nov 20th! :P xxx

  3. OMG! These areee great!!! More spoilers!! Wohoo! I can't wait!
    @Sparkles I agree with you! That scene is going to be really hard!!!

  4. Now these quotes on the cards are they actual quotes from the movie?

    *please say they are!!!!*

  5. FYI - Go to Target and look at their weekly ad... They have the New Moon Board Game (with these cards) for $10.00 this week.

  6. omg i the follow jane card.. that seems like an awkward elevator moment.. lolz..
    sry just couldnt help myself..


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