October 7, 2009

NM Collector Totes with UK Bliss Mag

Loving the UK New Moon love - now whether I can bring myself to buy a tween mag... says the gal who had to ask for the Illustrated Companion in the kid's book section :/

Via BellaAndEdward

- Lorabell


  1. Should I have my friends but together a care package from the UK with a Bliss inside just so I can get one of these bags? Tempting!

  2. Lorabell, I sympathize... LOL'd when I found a whole pile of New Moon-infused scandal mags stacked surreptitiously in the food/home section of Barnes & Noble. Someone had been getting her Rob fix under cover of Martha Stewart Living. At least they weren't in the Kiddie Lit dept.

  3. I've got a team edward bag! lol me and my mate bought a magazine each today just so we could get the bag lol! 2.50 well worth spent! haha x


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