October 13, 2009

New/Old Heavenly KStew Shoot

From Cosmo - see more over at TwiFans and more

Lots of KStew stuff recently... prolly due to the "set lock down" *sigh*

- Lorabell :)


  1. Lorabell is it a KStew Monday- Don't get me wrong these are great photo's along with ALL the rest of the many posts of her and I like her too, but where is the rest of the gang?? Is security so tight that set-stalkers can't get to see anyone?
    I'm just missin the vamps and wolfmen. I know you're in England and TCA is very busy- so I'll take what I can get!!

  2. @HeidiHo: I was thinking the same thing - there's usually lots of crack on a Monday but seems they're all in hiding for the Canadian holiday. We always post as/when we can - keep your *fingers crossed* for some friendly set-stalkage ;)
    - Lorabell


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