October 10, 2009

New Rob Pic Scans from Tu Mag!

This last one kinda kills me - it's all "Welcome home, Honey - come and sit on my lap whilst I play your lullaby for you... and then other things." ;)

Detagged by the fab Thinking Of Rob

- Lorabell


  1. Ahhhh shit. Let's. Make. Love.
    Hahahha. (:

  2. Ooooooh that last pic is how I envision Edward's library in tby789's "The Office". Hello salty goodness :0)))

  3. He is the only man that makes my heart react at just once glimpse. But that photo of him at the piano sent me into cardiac arrest! Good gracious that boy is fine! If only they could clone him!

  4. @ Lorabell & Mol...I was thinking both those things when I saw it :D I do love a man who can play a piano ;)

  5. *drooling* these are soooo good! he looks sexy as always haha the one with the piano kills me!

  6. Honestly I don't think any female, who's read just a tiny bit of smutty f&f involving Edward and his piano, can stay sain when watching a picture of Rob and a piano ;-) Oh it's SO hot in here...

  7. oh.my.god.

    rob. piano. vest. i'm died !!


  8. You know how Stephenie constantly describes Bella's blushing, her color rising to her cheeks, Edward's vampire hard-on over the bloom in her skin? Well, I'm not a blusher and I always thought these reactions were utterly Victorian and over-dramatic. Bella's blushing seriously started to get on my nerves.

    I take it all back.

    Rob. Vest. Piano. I feel the heat in my cheeks. They are so warm that they cause the muscles in my upper cheeks to twitch so I'm blushing and slightly grinning like a total idiot over Edward. I totally get Bella's incessant blushing now. My apologies.

    P.S. I LOVE this site. You are my secret guilty pleasure.


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