October 3, 2009

New Vamptastic Alex shoot... No - Really!

Apparently, this shoot was in Grand View Cemetery in Glendale as part of a challenge for new MTV reality series Styl’d.

...I think officially calls for a FNAR!*

LA Confidential via NewMoonMovie thanks Cynthia

- Lorabell

*Fnar = yum!


  1. lol.. wow.. wish he was a vampire than a wolf. hahah! he looks better. :DD

  2. oh mah gawd

    Glendale? Srsly?! That's like 20 min from me.

    Ungh! Damn he's hot.

  3. wait wait wait... is that Ashley Simpson Wentz he's posing with?

  4. why is it that everytime i get to see pictures of this guy he seems to be trying way too hard to look hot ?? well, i guess he should make the most of his 15 minute fame while he's in twilight..coz after this, dont know where he'll be.

  5. Dayum he's a hottie. Can't wait to see him in the movie.

  6. Who knew there was such a mean vamp hidden in the wolf? ;-)

  7. These photos are quite scary !!! amaing pics thanks for sharing it :)

  8. woah those r really cool pics! He looks really hot as a vampire ;D my god he's schmexy!


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