October 20, 2009

Lol, way to make me feel bad for reading FanFic, Kristen!

On the plane to VC, Jim Beaver sat next to Kristen and Tweet the above.

Love that he said she's nice (good times) but sad that she's reading something significantly more highbrow than what I'm addicted too (bad times) - I'm sure if Mark Twain read Fan Fic he'd love it too, right? Right?!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. In all seriousness I do believe Twain would have appreciated some of the fanfic that is out there. And trust Letters... isn't highbrow. It's a really good read but don't be too deep into the world's problems or your own or it can make your head hurt from over thinking.

  2. twain would think as long as people are writing and reading then it's all good

  3. I luv that Kristen is normal!! She's a smart girl and not hollywood!!! It's okay that she likes Mark Twain!!!!!

  4. Of Course he would have FanFic is the Shiz. Love me some edward porn.

  5. Wow...I am in no way highbrow but I think that Letters from Earth would be something I need to check out. Sounds incredible!

    So pleased Kristen is intelligent and not a low class bar hopping ho like Lindsay L. and some of the other Hollywood trash.

    It's probably why she and Rob get on so well. He's very intellectual as well. (which TOTALLY adds to his HAWTNESS!!)

  6. Oh man this makes me feel totally shallow and superficial considering the hours I devote to reading fanfic. I almost feel guilty enough to stop.... ALMOST! ;)

  7. I love she isn't superficial. This book seems good. I'll check it thanks to Kristen XD


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