October 7, 2009

Lol, um... OK?

Thanks AshleyTWA via PopZilla

- Lorabell


  1. Urm... I don't know what to say (other than what I just wrote).

  2. Bahahaha "Look at the wiener you wanted!"
    "It looked like a melted candle.."
    (Those are really weird mental images..)

  3. ummm....ok....that was, well, weird. Obviously done by a man who is insecure with himself! LMAO!!

  4. Ummm.. lol? okay... no commet. ome? rotfl? holy... ROTFL!! there, that does it! WEIRD>

  5. Um...was the supposed to be a crack at the fact that considering Rob is English, he probably isn't circumsized?

    Millions of men are uncircumsized. Anyone who thinks that would turn people away from RPatz is insane! Haha.

  6. LOL!! That was so random/wierd nothing left except to laugh:))

  7. You fools. It was mocking all the psychos who run around professing their love for him in the streets making his life miserable when really they know nothing about him, or what he is like (in or out of bed). You people aren't in love with HIM, you are in love with your own personal fantasy of a man that you have projected ONTO him.

  8. Miss 6:19 AM,
    I dont think any of the girls who commented are either fools or do they make robert pattinsons live miserable. If you envy the attention robert pattinson gets, i am sorry.
    If you're sorry for the paparazzis who give him hell, we even share the opinion.

    if you think all readers of this blog are immature girls with an affinity for hysteria, you're wrong.

    And the way you judge the readers (including me) and this blog gives me an idea of your wisdom and maturity.

    Sabine, 27 years old, from Germany, who loves this blog and likes a good laugh. This video is funny!

  9. i'm wise enough not to chase someone in the street screaming and crying like a psycho

  10. and if you don't see the true reason by this video your judgment is clouded, therefor your opinion doesn't count and no one cares about you

  11. I see the true reason by this video and I am not supporting those girls. Just be fair. This video is about making fun of these girls and well, as I am not taking part of this hysteria and I am just an observer I can pretty much enjoy watching this video. As well as everybody else.

    It should give those some thoughts, who are living this kind of crazyness to the fullest - up to disrespecting privacy and being all certifiably insane.

    Once again babe, no offend if you feel caught or something and you cant laugh about it, thats alright.

    For me as an observer from far far away and being out of puberty for ages, this video pretty much describes what could/should happen in a funny way.

    Just be fair.

    All the best.


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