October 30, 2009

New KStew & Taylor Interview?

France's September/October "Zoom Star" magazine has a new interview with Kristen and Taylor - enjoy:

Kristen Stewart

Kristen, how was the filming of New Moon?
Very different from the first time! In Twilight you were supposed to see the emerging love from Bella to Edward. Here’s it’s the complete opposite because Edward is almost not there the entire time. It’s very interesting to me because I can get into another side of the character.

What changes in Bella in this second episode?
It’s the complete drama. Edward leaves her with little explanation. She doesn’t understand why they are separating. She’s in a terrible state and starts questioning her own life. Plus, she starts using Jacob who is trying to console her. The love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella is something very interesting to play.
We had lots of fun on the set because we’ve managed to keep the same mood.

In New Moon, Bella gets closer to Jacob. What do you think of Taylor’s evolution?
It’s completely hallucinating. It was hard to recognize him as the same guy who walked in the first day of the filming of Twilight. It was crazy to see all his energy and hunger to win. It wasn’t certain that he would come back for this movie and still he found it necessary to keep in shape.

Even if you’ve played different roles before Twilight, this is when you became a star. How are you living this new status?

I don’t care about becoming a star. This doesn’t mean I hate it if I’m recognized on the streets, of course. But it’s real pleasure for me to act. Is what interests me in life: giving life to fictional characters. And no one can tell me that it’s an easy job. I get up every morning at 6 AM with dozens of hours of filming ahead. It’s really hard. But beyond the celebrity, what touches me deeply is the feeling that we give to the public. I share with all my fans a really intense relationship, is almost stronger than love.

People say you have a relationship woth Robert Pattinson. Is this true?
Oh no not again this question! (laughs) I know everyone wishes we were together right now. But we’re not. We’re just friends, that’s all. Many girls persue Rob and they are very jealous. But no, I’m not going out with him. (<-- ?!)

Taylor Lautner

Can you tell us about Jacob and his personality that is a bit schizophrenic?
In the fist movie we really don’t get why Jacob doesn’t like Edward. Everybody thinks he’s just jealous, when in reality, he’s part of the Quileute tribe who have a very special power: they transform into werewolves. And he transforms into a very aggresive werewolf. He bursts into his wild side in this second installment and shows that he can be very violent. It’s a great role to play because he has so many different expressions.

In this second movie your character takes on a different layer. Yet there were rumors starting. Did you have to fight for this role?

Frankly, I had no idea it would be this hard! I knew I had to gain muscle mass. So when I finished Twilight I srtarted working out. I followed the advice of a specialist coach. I had to gain weight and volume, and lose the puny side from the first movie. I really did sweat. But the result is that I have at least gained more than 15 kg of muscle. My friends can’t recognize me. This is very important for my character.
And eventhough Bella is torn and still in love with Edward, she is very attracted to Jacob. When I read the books, I was sad for Jacob; he can never get what he wants. I really understand what he feels.

You met real Indians Quileute?
Yes, that’s part of my job! I met the members of the Quileute tribe during filming. It was really amazing because they are very close in real life to what they are in the film. I mean, they do not transform themselves into werewolves (laughs)
They just do not need to talk a lot to understand. it’s really intense. If, for example, the bin is full, they empty it. I spent a lot of time with them, discussing their worldview and cosmology. It is really interesting. I really hope the film will help them know I made many friends among them.
I’m seeing them again to continue our discussions. It was very informative.

How has Twilight changed your life?
People recognize me on the street (laughs). No, what really is funny is to see the change between the two films and public’s reaction, first dan, I was ugly, and now I am a little less. In the first I was ugly, in this I’m a little less ugly. And more girls look at me, that’s very cool!

Via TwilightPoison who also have the magazine scans... if anyone knows whether this interview is recycled please let me know, but so far it's being billed as new!

- Lorabell


  1. do we know when this interview took place? is it actually new or is it just being published now???

    because in my mind i tend to think for a while rob and kristen definitely were just friends... but a part of me thinks more recently, specifically during eclipse, they may have gotten "involved".

    but maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part because i like the idea of them together. :)

  2. @Katie - I agree with you...I don't think this interview is recent! It's obvious Kristen broke up with Oregano. I always thought they shared a special chemistry in real life...you can see it in the pics and videos! We'll have to see what happens now that they finished the saga for now...it's just a matter of time! I'm pro Robsten and if they're together I'm happy for them and if not I'm happy too! They deserve to be happy and have privacy like any human being! Let's hope time tell us the truth! ;-)

  3. I think this is an earlier interview. the events toward the end of new moon and through eclipse paint a very different picture. Frankly it doesn't even sound like her. she is usually tense with the media

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  5. why cant we just be happy with having a new interview instead of over analizing it.
    even if it is a recycled interview what does it matter.
    why are Fans so invested in trying to prove Robert and Kristen are together.
    will it make a difference in our lifes? NO
    Does it directly affect us? NO
    Do we personally know them(as friends)? NO
    so why dont we just stay like fans and stop all this craziness.
    Its because of us the fans and our crazy obsession with trying to prove and analizing everything in the context of them being or not being together that the Paparazzi and the media are invading both of their lifes.
    Lets just enjoy their work and enjoy all the media appearances in the next month and leave it at that.
    Lets stop with the whole ARE THEY?/AREN'T THEY crap.

  6. sorry i can't spell today. take two:

    who translated this? it doesn't sound like their usual media voices at all.

  7. "I know everyone wishes we were together RIGHT NOW."

    Anyone else notice that she didn't rule out that fact that they could be dating..in the future?

  8. Oh for God's sake! This just proves what I've always said...it doesn't matter what they say, the "shippers" are always going to find an excuse to say they're together.

    I agree wholeheartedly with "None".

  9. http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/celebrities/hollywood/robert-pattinson-talks-breaking-dawn-212709/

    I cannot imagine a chubby Pattinson :S

  10. I just had to comment - @None You took the words right out of my mouth...or off my keyboard....ohh you know what I mean

  11. i'm team robsten ..but if they're just friend its ok.. it's good cuz its shows they are professional actors..but then if the papz cought her with bf MA its really gonna break my heart and i don't like it.. i really don't know why..help me!! i don't know what to think!!

  12. I'm really hoping this is an old interview. It's completely frustrating that she just cannot admit to the relationship. I know it's none of our business but if it were me, I'd want the world to know. Ok, let's suppose that MAYBE they really aren't dating....IS SHE NUTS? HOW CAN SHE NOT WANT TO BE WITH HIM? How can you just "be friends" with someone so gorgeous?
    I'm hoping that since Eclipse is done, that absence will make the heart grow even fonder.

  13. I think must be old, nobody is asking THAT question to them nowadays

  14. Who's all the girl pursueing Rob- I want to know!! Does she mean all of us stalkers?!! Hee hee.

  15. "Oh for God's sake! This just proves what I've always said...it doesn't matter what they say, the "shippers" are always going to find an excuse to say they're together.

    I agree wholeheartedly with "None"." < I completely concur.

    Also @Kathy "It's completely frustrating that she just cannot admit to the relationship" - You know what is even more frustrating? Robsten shippers who insist that they are together even when both Rob and Kristen have said they're not, even when there is no evidence to prove that they are more than friends.

    Really, Kristen seems like the kind of girl who wouldn't care what people thought, if she was dating Rob then she'd have no problem admitting to it (she never tried to hide it when she was dating Michael, she wasn't letting everyone know her business but she never hid it. She didn't even try to hide the fact she smokes pot, I doubt she'd go to all this effort to hide a relationship with Rob). It's not like it'd be bad publicity for the movie or anything, so it's not something Summit would ask her to keep quiet if it were true.

    As for your whole "IS SHE NUTS? HOW CAN SHE NOT WANT TO BE WITH HIM? How can you just "be friends" with someone so gorgeous?" - Very easily. And clearly you've not got many male friends or at least not any attractive ones... and what you said is really fucking shallow, just because someone is gorgeous is not reason enough to be with them - hell you don't even know if physically Rob is her type, not everyone has the same taste in guys.

    I've had plenty of guy friends, I know loads of girls that have friends that are guys and a lot of them are attractive - finding someone attractive isn't enough to base a romantic relationship on, it'd be different if it was just some guy you met and started dating... but when you're friends with a guy, sometimes it's not worth risking that friendship on trying to be something more.

  16. I saw a video of them at the airport in Los Angeles yesterday; they were getting off the plane together, and although Rob came out first in a group, the video shows her close behind, then it shows Rob glancing back at her to make sure she's okay. I know it's a stretch but, why would he do that if they were broken up or not dating? I'm just asking. I don't know. I would paste the video link but I can't paste in this chatbox for some reason.

  17. this robsten rumors never gonna end....after the 'Cheteau hotel' incident, i doubt there's nothing special between them, but now i think they're just friend..only time would tell. sorry if i make robsten fan outhere angry..but this rumors will end when papz cought kristen and mike 2gether. i don't know what happen to mike..and its not fair the way some robsten fanatics n tabloid treated him..i don't know how he handle it. all the best for them :)

  18. Ok, can I just ask something...where did this "interview" come from. Some of the answers from Kristen dont sound like her...and plus...she refuses to answer questions about her relationship (friendship or dating) with robert pattinson...so why here would she answer that so BLUNTLY...it just doesnt seem like her...

  19. @a... you are really clutching at straws if you're pinning all of your Robsten hopes on a glance.

    A glance that could've meant anything, you don't know what was going through Rob's head, maybe he wasn't checking to see if she was okay - I glance back at my friends when we're walking down stairs and things all time, it doesn't mean anything.

    And lets just say he was glancing back to see if she was okay - friends do that too. Friends do a hell of a lot more than that for each other, in the past I've had guy friends give me their jumper when it's cold, walk me home in the dark (even if it meant they'd have to walk back themselves alone), give me hugs, fight for me, sleep in the same bed as me, stay up all night in my room talking to me, sneak out of the house at night to come hang out with me, sneak out of the house in the middle of the night because me and my other friend were scared while camping... friends care about each other, and guy friends in particular tend to be more protective of their female friends.

    I'm not saying Rob and Kristen definitely aren't together, really, I don't know, they could be - I just find it unlikely because they've both said they're not together and they have no reason to lie (hiding a relationship would be more hassel than people knowing about it - the tabloids write about them anyway.) Kristen has no problem with having a relationship with a co-star out in the open, she never tried to hide her relationship with Michael.

    And if anything, if there was any real life truth to the "Bella and Edward" romance then it'd just be good publicity for the movie). AND! I highly doubt two people under such a microscrope from the fans and the press would've been able to hide a relationship for that long, they would've slipped up somewhere but there's been no pictures of them acting like a couple or anything, only rumours.

    With things like this, I tend to have an "innocent until proven guilty" view of the situation - Robsten shippers are the opposite, they will believe that they are together until someone proves they aren't... and then they'll argue with the proof or try and counter it with "proof" that they are together. It's kind of dumb.


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