October 30, 2009

KStew, Tay & RPattz out in studio city...

Update: Apparently Rob was there too - head over to TwiFans if you wanna see a bagillion photos! Hmmm... good readin'?

I saw knotted tees in a F.C.U.K. window display in London recently!

According to Celebrity Gossip Kristen and Taylor were spotted at a studio in Malibu today where they got to watch a final cut of New Moon ... jealous!

Thanks Raggs

- LB ;)


  1. I guess reading and eating a bagel (?) is what people in real life do if they're not addicted to all things Twilight. Hmmm... I wonder what I used to do BT (Before Twilight)...

  2. I wonder if they were recording the commentary for the DVD.

  3. Gonna be honest...I am a recent (re)-convert to the knotted tee. It's good fix for when you have a great shirt that you don't want to look like a garbage bag on you. Just stole my husband's Bauhuas ancient shirt the other day and wore it with a massive 'ol knot!


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