October 12, 2009

KStew Nylon Out-Take *loves*

Click for bigger

Via Twilight Central

- Lorabell :)


  1. girl crush! Should I be worried about this? Man she's sooo beautiful!!!!!

  2. I adore her, but why must they airbrush out a person's knees. That always kills me.

  3. I notice she shows off her legs a lot... I do not blame her! She looks awesome!

  4. Oh Girl Crush alert!!!! I love this photo, the outfit is so kooky and Kristen looks beautiful... as usual :P xx

  5. this is not really an outtake, is it? I mean, we haven't seen the legs before, that's true, but the picture was on the cover so it's not exactly an outtake.
    the photoshoots she did with nylon are my second favorite shoots with Kristen. my favorite is the one with Taylor, for EW of course;)


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