October 24, 2009

Justin may just be one of the nicest guys in Hollywood :)

There are just too many Twi-guys competing for our hearts - JCho (yes, that's what I'm calling him) is such a sweetie, adorkable/funny and he seems very humble - read on...

Here's an excerpt of part one:

JI: Speaking of America, New Moon will be premiering soon. How are you prepping yourself for the madness?

JC: Absolutely no preparation at all.

JI: You’re just going to walk in there and be cool?

JC: What’s there to prepare for? I’ll uh…get a suit. I’ll uh…get a suit and on the day of I’ll show up with [my publicist] Anthony and we’ll… watch the movie. I think that’s the best preparation I can do.

JI: So, no emotional preparation? The premiere last year looked pretty crazy from what I’ve seen.

JC: What kind of preparation would you do?

JI: I think I would do a little yoga, call on Jesus and ask people to pray for me.

JC: Yeah, I think that’s actually a very good idea. I think I’ll have people pray for me too.

And an excerpt from part two:

JI: What’s one thing about you that you’d like people to know?

JC: I’m actually very shy.

JI: You, shy? I find that hard to believe.

JC: See that’s why you don’t know that one.

JI: Why do you think you’re very shy?

JC: Um why? I don’t know, I get really self-concious, I guess. I uh, lemme see how do I explain this…When I get in groups of big people I don’t know, like big groups, I tend to shut down. It seems like I’m out there or whatever, but that’s not an actor because I’m allowed to. So when the cameras turn on, I’m allowed to be out there. But if you ever see me at a party or whatever, I just can’t do it...

JI: I’m kind of shocked!

JC: Don’t be shocked, just accept.

JI: You’re so human it hurts.

JC: (laughs.) I’m very human. I’m extremely human. I’m no different from you or anyone.

Read part one and part two in full over at Ningin

- Lorabell

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