October 7, 2009

Is that a vampire in your pocket?

It's... it's just... it's hypnotic!

Shamelessly schmexy :)

Thanks to Random Acts of Rob

- Lorabell


  1. Someone pass the mop right now please...I can help you Rob! Just wait for me...I really can help principally in the front pocket hahaha *shame on me*

  2. O.O

    I can't help but hold my breath a little when I see his hand slowly tease the bottom of his ass and then go in for the reach into the pocket.


  3. Oh Rob, "If I were a glove upon thy hand..."

  4. Makes me want to apply for an airport security job just so I can strip search Rob.
    "No, sir, I need to make sure that isn't a knife in your back pocket. I insist, sir. Hands where I can see them, please."


  5. To everyone's posts: ROFLMAO!!!


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