October 12, 2009

Hot Topic NM Launch Teaser!

Check in at Hot Topic - they need to open out-side of the US already - gah!

- Lorabell


  1. Lorabell, if you need anything from HT, I'm your gal! Just email me... LOOOOVE my dress btw - haven't tried it on yet (long story) but much better quality than I was expecting despite crappy nylon/poly fabric. JJ and I will definitley be fighting over who gets to wear when...

    : )

  2. p.s. holy crap - almost 7 million hits?! that's crazy!! congrats you guys! whodda thunkit earlier this year, right???

  3. did anyone else notice the "Bella's Cullen Crest Ring"?? will she be wearing that in New Moon or something??


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