October 15, 2009

Holy Uber HQ NM Stills, Batman!

Click for EPICNESS!

Woah yeah!

ROBsessed rocks my Rob-socks :)

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm not even sure I'm able to upload the biggest versions - follow the link for dazzle!


  1. Awesome!! Please release this damn movie already!!

  2. lol Who's the spy/stalker behind Edward?

  3. The one with Edward in that coat, is the opening dream sequence, you think? Bella is touching the mirror like she is looking at her reflection. When she sees herself as her grandmother.

  4. I'm so so happy that little scenes like Bella seeing herself in the mirror have been kept in. I thought it would definitely be cut. It makes me so happy that Chris has paid attention to such details :) Woooo I can't wait!!!

  5. Yes, I'm curious who the person is partially obscured by the tree in the picture of Edward walking away from his car.

  6. I must say Edward is looking pretty yummy in the Edward walking away pic. :)


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