October 9, 2009

Gossip Cop = Win!

Full update on the ROBsessed post from earlier:

OK, “Twilight” fans. We heard you – loud and clear.

Tips poured into Gossip Cop headquarters about “Robsessed,” an allegedly “all-access” DVD about the life of Robert Pattinson.

Many supporters of RobsessedPattinson.com – who Tweets as @ROBsessedBlog – brought to our attention the site’s claim that Revolver Entertainment, the company behind the DVD, had lifted material from their site to market the unauthorized DVD.

Gossip Cop called Revolver for comment. No one we spoke to in the Los Angeles office would say anything beyond asserting that the “content” of the DVD is completely original. We’ve asked for further comment from producers in the UK office. Still waiting, and we will let you know as soon as we hear.

NOW – in the course of writing this post, it appears as though the matter has been at least temporarily resolved. If we’re reading our Tweets correctly, Revolver has pulled the, um, “similar” wording from their online platform.

That said, here are three points:

1. We find the unauthorized and often invasive exploitation of stars for profit to be heinous, especially when, as in this case, those stars have been particularly scarred by interactions with the media.

2. We’re very encouraged to see fans stand up to shameless profiteering, especially when the offending party has wronged not only the celebrity, but also the fans who put time and effort into content without intending to make a dollar from it.

3. From what we can TELL, the first two points apply to today’s events. But we want to be very careful about assigning blame without cause. So if we’re missing some key information, please let us know. We would love to hear Revolver’s side of the story, if there is one.

But it sure seems shady to Gossip Cop.

In the end, what we want is fairness – for stars, for the fans who enjoy their work, and from the media who cover them.

We will follow the “Robsessed” story as it develops.

EPIC thanks to Gossip Cop and everyone who emailed in!

- Lorabell


  1. Woop woop nice to see a little justice being served. Go Gossip Cop!! :) x

  2. It's nice to see fans coming together to help other fans.

  3. Great to see such a great result! Here's a link to some new "New Moon" pictures. Haven't seen the cool one of Esme before.

  4. I´m glad of fans helping other fans, but I hate Gossic cop getting in the middle, that site is just another gossip site and even worst, because they present as if he were above the rest and now with this, it is a pathetic use of one of the biggest blogs about Rob to gain what is clear giving them the biggest hits to their gossip page, the fandom of twilight.

  5. Power to the people! Nobody messes with Rob. Grrrr!


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