October 16, 2009

Ashley's a bird for Halloween? Beat THAT HotTopic! ;)

Vanity Fair interviewed Ashley from the Eclipse set - she talks about her Halloween plans but also filming in Italy, her cast mates and life in the Porsche-lane - here's an excerpt:

What was it like filming [in Italy]?

Incredible. I want to go back! We were in the countryside—you could take a picture and it was a postcard. The place that we stayed in was private, seven villas, and the people who owned it cooked us breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and were just really cool. Even going to work where we were filming—there weren’t built sets—it was crazy to be able to go into these incredibly old, gorgeous buildings. What was going through my head was, “People actually live here … I would like to live here!”


So you and Kellan Lutz are throwing a Halloween party in Vegas … do you have a costume yet?

Yes! I can’t tell you what it is yet … O.K., I’m going to be a bird! My stylist found this costume for me because I asked her if I could have it created, and she found this amazing, beautiful costume. I think I’m going to add some feathers to it to make it a little less “Halloween Sexy Bird.” It’s going to be really fun.

Read the rest over at VF.com

Thanks Andi!

- Lorabell

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  1. What LESS (even if it is a little) of a sexy bird on Halloween? Is she a woman? I thought that was what we as women were supposed to do on Halloween - to turn every costume into something sexy. Wow, I learned a life lesson this evening. Thank my Ms. Greene!


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