October 6, 2009

Hairvolution - from bowl to spikes to sex ;)

Click for bigger
Lol, WTH was going on in 2007?!

That second expression cracks me up :D classic!

Via Breaking Dawn Fr

- Lorabell


  1. Oh Man!! My favorite? 2009!!!! He's sooooo sexyyy in that photo...*sigh* I want that at home!!! haha In 2008 the looks more young but now he looks like a man...grrrr!

  2. aww, he looks modest at 15, badboy at 17, cute at 20, cool at 22, and sexy at 23, haa...

  3. I'm with ya Lorabell, that second one is so funny but so cute ;)

  4. It's true what they say. Men only get better with age. The girls at his school must have been crushing hardcore at 15. He was so freaking cute! I wonder what his classmates think now.

  5. I think that the second one and the last one are the same face!


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