October 24, 2009

Even More NM Teasers - Parking-Lot/Birthday Clip

Via Thinking Of Rob

- Lorabell


  1. Really amazing how many clips they are releasing. Lovin'em tho!!

  2. there's that head shake again. i can't help but laugh everytimei see it. thanks to the fine girls over at twitarded...

  3. What are they saying?!!!!! Here's what I think they're saying:

    EDWARD: happy birthday.
    BELLA: Don't remind me.
    EDWARD: Well your birth is definitely so much sober.
    BELLA: My agent's not.

  4. His American accent never fails to surprise me.

  5. a is that a joke or were you serious? i can't tell?

    there are captions on the video so you can what they are saying.

    i can't pick up sarcasm on the internet. :/

  6. they say,

    Edward: Happy birthday
    Bella: Don't remind me
    Edward: Bella your birthday is something to celebrate
    Bellea: But my age is not!!!


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