October 3, 2009

Eeek - New NM Song Preview!

Grizzly Bear are on tour right now and have worked their song "Slow Life" from the New Moon soundtrack into their set list - here's a quick recording.

What scene do you think it will be used in?! Judging by the title, I'm hoping for a "October, November, December, January" montage *fingers crossed*

Thanks Gorgeous Graham

- Lorabell


  1. I hope there are some happier songs in New Moon...or else I may have to go join Edward in Italy. Hahahah

  2. I'm going to go see them on the 20th!! Soo excited for this soundtrack.

  3. heard the whole song somewhere else. very pretty and so fitting for the tone of the film. this soundtrack is going to be so good.

  4. i think meet me on the equinox is better.

  5. OK...am I the only person who can so totally imagine that the two people in the front of the frame are Edward and Alice...remember when Bella wanted to buy them those concert tickets! LOL!


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