October 8, 2009

Do NOT mess with RPattz fans - I'm looking at you RevEnt!

EPIC UPDATE: Thanks to GossipCop -

OK, “Twilight” fans. We heard you – loud and clear.

Tips poured into Gossip Cop headquarters about “Robsessed,” an allegedly “all-access” DVD about the life of Robert Pattinson.

Many supporters of RobsessedPattinson.com – who Tweets as @ROBsessedBlog – brought to our attention the site’s claim that Revolver Entertainment, the company behind the DVD, had lifted material from their site to market the unauthorized DVD.

Our friends, hard-working bloggers and dedicated RPattz fans over at ROBsessed are being ripped off!

It was lousy when the name was being used but there is no way in Hale that lying about content is OK:

ROBsessed DVD and Revolver Entertainment Stealing OUR Content


A couple of days ago frank@revolvergroup.com from Revolver Entertainment contacted us to ask if we wanted to partner with them. We have not replied to them since we had no intention of associating with a DVD that's sole purpose was to make money off Robert Pattinson's back. It's an unauthorized DVD that is just trying to cash in on Rob's fame.

Now they are copying our blog WORD FOR WORD at their website. We are not disclosing their website address since the only reason they have gone to such low measures as stealing our content is because they are trying to go up in google rank and promote their crappy DVD. Please do not go to their website out of curiosity since that is what they want and are doing this anyways. Here is a snapshot of their theft:

Revolver Entertainment believes there is no bad press so let's show them THERE IS.

They are copy-pasting our content directly, using our picture server and are claiming WE are blogging for THEM which is another lie.

Please boycott the ROBsessed DVD and contact Revolver Entertainment at usa@revolvergroup.com to support us.

- Lorabell *writing angry emails*

Update: RevEnt are also helping themselves to Rob Pattinson Life and Loving Rob - GRRR!


  1. Can the Robsessed ladies find a lawyer willing to write a cease and desist letter? That's probably all it would take...

  2. Im a big fan of the ladies over on Robsessed and im disgusted by this. They put so much work in to that fabulous blog..

    Revolver Entertainment will have a full inbox of mails from angry Rob fans. And rightly so.

  3. If the girls over at Robsessed haven't coppy-writed the name in their name, then technically in the eyes of the law, those people can take the name.

    So sad... shame on those people, all they see is $ signs! >:(

  4. Thank you Lorabell. I am still trying to fight them. Losers!

    P.S.: I messed up the email link to revolver :( It goes to some weird page when clicked. Can you fix it?

  5. @Alycya - Robsessed was originally a domain for Robbie Williams but as far as I know they sold it to these guys. FAIL!

  6. That is so PATHETIC! I feel awful for Rob and Robsessed blog writers.

  7. Wow!Bitches!So not cool!I'm so sorry Lorabell and TCA.

  8. You should send this bit of info to PFach so that Rob can let his lawyers know, just in case they can do anything to stop the distribution of the DVD. In the meantime, I suggest Robsessed should get their lawyers on it too since lifting info word for word and not giving credit is not legal AFAIK.

    -Angel S.

  9. BTW, I would never buy an Unauthorized Bio DVD of anyone as I feel it is a VERY big invasion of privacy.

    Just think, if it were you they were making a DVD about, how would you feel?

    -Angel S.

  10. Who the hell would buy that kind of unauthorized junk anyway? I certainly wouldn't! Rob is a very private person and I would feel dirty...well, dirtier then usual...as a fan of Rob. The ladies at Robsessed should fight this. The fans should be the ones who discuss him and his projects, not money grubbing a-holes who really don't care!

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