October 15, 2009

Cast Appearance in Paris, Nov 10th?!

According to Le Monde De Francesca (thanks Google Translate) Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Chris Weitz will be attending a New Moon press conference in Paris on November 10th:

OMG, Rob, Kris, Taylor and Chris Weitz will be in Paris November 10th !!!!! And also, I am invited to press conference to be held that day to Crillon! It lasted 30 minutes and will take place at 12:30.

Come on London!!!

Via Spunk Ransom

- Lorabell *fingers crossed*


  1. Congrats Lorabell- I hope you get to do an interview!! I don't think I've seen this photo. I love the "zebra" like dress KS is wearing!! I would never be able to wear horizontal stripes- does not bode well for girls with hips.LOL

  2. Good luck Lorabell! I just hope they don't show the movie or anything...it might get leaked like the soundtrack!

  3. We're getting closer, kids. They are going to have to come out of hiding soon. I just hope and pray that we get smiley Rob when he does surface.

  4. I swear to god, I they come to London over the weekend I will fly there personally! *fingers crossed*

  5. I will fly there personaly too I am even thinking of Paris to tell you the true.


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