October 20, 2009

But how do you keep Edward or Jacob from coming in the window?

I kinda want Bella's to be "Time Passes" instead ;) download yours HERE!

Thanks Team Twilight

- Lorabell


  1. Oh, thank you for sending this out! These are so going on my office half wall - I'll interchange as wanted. Because honestly I could care less why it tells folks to leave me alone as long as it tells them via a Twilight related theme.

  2. OMG!!!!! I want those..... how can I get them?.... I want to put them on my room's knob!!!! =D

  3. Never mind.... just saw the link to download them :P. Thanks Lorabell!!!!

  4. I would NEVER keep Edward from coming in my window!!!! And, sadly I would probably let the much too young Jacob in too.

  5. @Kimberly Dawn and Lorabell, I so agree with you ;) LoL


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