October 13, 2009

KStew wants "Practical vs Pleasure" - Allure Shoot Video

What we didn't see behind the pap pics!

I kind of love how "Kristen" this interview is - honest, cool, no fuss... much like her tees and sneakers - way to rock it Joan Jett style ;)

Via KStewartFans

- Lorabell


  1. i just love her. so much. she is my definition of idol.

  2. She's really beautiful and sooo humble and special! Girl crush all the way! haha

  3. She is so awesome! I just love her. Girl crush for sure!!!!!

  4. So they're not rob's t-shirts they're her brothers- too funny!! Glad to see she is still humble and sweet. Like her more and more.

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  6. She got to be herself, just like she said. Which finhally someone is allowing her to do, without trying to get private information out of her, or trying to make her look lik someone she isnt.


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