October 4, 2009

Aw, cutie Mike - I'll go to the movies with you!

Loving these New Moon stills - especially the clearer shot of Emily!

Via New Moon Movie

- Lorabell

Update: One more care of Twilight Novel Novice


  1. Emily's scare looks so close to how I imagined it!
    I thought the cuts would be deeper and wider, but this... is good enough!

  2. I'd imagined the cuts to be-like- three straight lines across her face. and her mouth isn't really pulled down the way it's described but it's good! who the boy?=$

  3. mike<333
    who is that guy in the last pic?

  4. The boy in the last pic is Quil

  5. nobody knows that the dude in the last picture is quil because this is like the first time we see an official picture of him.

    he looks soo funny though. lol

  6. that is not quil. i dont believe that

  7. I want to squeeze mike's cheeks:))

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  9. Love these photos!!! You should see the new photos of Alex as a vampire! Ohh baby! http://twi-star.blogspot.com/2009/10/alex-meraz-in-la-confidential.html


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