October 12, 2009

Ashley loves her fro-yo...

Ashley in LA? Taylor in Chicago? Peter with the fam? I'm thinking time off for Canadian Thanksgiving!

See more at Radar Online

- Lorabell


  1. As a recent UF grad, I LOVE that she's wearing a Gator hat ;)

  2. Yes it is Canadian Thanksgiving up here. I am still getting over the fact that they needed a rain machine to do shots for the movie....Can you believe it a rain machine in Vancouver!

  3. LOL @ anony 8:16. That is very funny- doesn't it rain there a lot??

  4. Heidi Ho

    Yup that is Vancity's rep. You can not stand still too long or you will rust LOL! We have had sunny days up here from edge to edge since....well I cannot remember the last real rainy day. Oh well I guess maybe they will go to Portland for the doom and gloom...Sorry Portland could not resist.


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