October 26, 2009

And the winner is...

Whilst Googling for an image for this post I came across one that is too many kinds of win:

1) Schmexy Rob? Check!
2) Schmexy tee? Check!
3) "Win" relevance? Check!
4) "Tee Win" relevance? Check!
5) Oh, and schmexy Rob? Check check!

Anyhoo, a couple of weeks ago we hosted a competition for two fellow TwiCrackAddicts to win their own fab Twilight CafePress tee.

So many of you submitted amazing entries and it was genuinely difficult to chose but, after going through them all and thinking long and hard, the winners are...

lilruby2010 and Lorina!

Congrats guys - please email in with your size and address :)

- Lorabell

P.s. I have a couple of others that were really close calls so, if the winners don't email in, you might still have a chance!


  1. Also, thanks for teasing Lorabell...when I first saw the picture above I thought you were talking about Robert or his shirt HeHe Dang it ;)

  2. I know - I thought you were giving away a shirt Rob has actually worn....I think my heart stopped beating :)

    Congrats girls!!! so happy for you! :)
    - Snowflake

  3. awesome! congrats guys!

    Lorabell! just a suggestion. why dont you update the header with an awesome new moon picture or something?! that header has been up there since i found this site! almost a year ago! just thinkin out loud.. lol :D

  4. Congrats, when might you have another contest? I'm so sad I didn't win :(
    My Twicrack heart is sad

  5. Fab! Well done guys :D

    Great pic choice too Lorabell!! Definitely a win for schmexy Rob and his t-shirt ;) xxx

  6. I feel like a complete idiot! Thanks so much! I don't even know if the offer still stands, but I'll e-mail now. :]


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