October 28, 2009

And The Random Twi-Merch Award Goes To...

Want your room to smell like lilac and sunshine? Me too :)

Edward's Masen ring... I kinda want one :/

Bella's Cullen ring - love that it's vibrant and not black ;)

Woah, I hope Stephenie writes some more books!

Thanks to Liza who emailed in about Bella's Cullen ring - of course I couldn't resist having a look through for new stuff :)

Find more over at Amazon's NECA store

- Lorabell


  1. so much merchandise- can't buy everything:((( love the picture of the jawsome shot of edward behind the ring- thanks.

  2. I hope she writes more too. I love The Host. It is a great book too, I am excited for that movie....Though I wonder if she will publish. Supposedly there are rumors about her and her editor falling out over Breaking Dawn...Not sure if it is true, but why haven't they released her Twilight Guide yet?????

  3. I think the MOST RANDOM award goes to the New Moon Wolf Pack PACKING TAPE *(not kidding) being sold at Hot Topic. It wins hands down


  4. Lauren, I just saw that! How insane is it?!

  5. @Lauren: Woah, I did not see that - I'll have to update later - it's by far the winner!
    - Lorabell :)

  6. OMG, they have packing tape? LoL :D I really want the candle, must get ;)

  7. Packing tape - that's insane. Hmm, let me go buy some.

  8. i told Lorabell that my guess is that after they do the vote scene that they give bella that ring.

    any thoughts guys?

  9. I was at ToysRus with my four year old looking at halloween costumes...$30 for a stupid costume, can you believe it! Anyhoo, I saw NewMoon merch everywhere. I dont know who was skipping through ToysRus more, me or my son.


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