October 16, 2009

Alice & Rosalie Promo Shots

I won't bite... unless you ask me to ;)

Where the hell is my monkey man?!

Via TwiFans

- Lorabell


  1. Wow. I just have to say it again. I'm just so disappointed in the clothes for these two! I pictured much more of an "off the runway" look for these two. :(
    - snowflake

  2. The clothes are "enh" and frankly Rosalie just isn't as pretty as I had pictured. Her hair looks like a wig too.

  3. .........LOVE Alice - Ashley just nails how I see Alice in my head but not Nikki. She just doesn't do Rosalie justice. I see the gorgeous Amanda Seyfreid as Rosalie. I think she would have just knocked a vicious Rosalie out of the ballpark!

  4. ....meaning Amanda would have RAWKED as Rosalie!

  5. I personally like the clothes. There is something very nostalgic but also modern about them. There is something almost clever about that juxtaposition. They definitely stand out from what a "normal" teenager would wear.

    As for Nikki as Rosalie, I've never a been a big fan. But I like her more in what I've seen from New Moon stills than I did in Twilight. I think the make-up/hair is very much a step up. They no longer look pasty-faced which is nice.

  6. I think they both look great! Glad Nikki chose to wear a wig, poor girl shouldn't have to loose her hair for the role. And I kinda like the clothes.

  7. I think the golden eyes are SO much better in this one, and the Volturi red too, from what I've seen. Love the contacts. Alice especially looks terrific from the neck up! Just how I pictured her.

  8. I don't want to diss nikki reed because i think she seems swell and all but that picture/promo shot is NOT a thing of beauty. i'll leave it at that because i'm feeling nice today.

    : )

  9. I like the clothes. If you take them right off the runway they will look dated before the movie is released. These clothes have interesting style and are above fashion.

  10. Hi :)

    I you want all the New Moon Promo in HQ
    you can find them on my blog

    TCA we miss you, hope we can read some of your stuff soon

  11. wow, did anyone else notice that Rosalie is wearing black nailpolish?? sooo not rosalie! vampires just don't do nailpolish! and especially not black.

    like the outfits. they're casual and modern. too bad they made Alice wear the Choker even though it didn't go with the outfit at all!


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