October 20, 2009

Alex Mmmeraz calls KStew "BadAss" and RPattz "Patient"

The lucky Vanity Fair got to sit down and admire interview the lovely Alex - here's a fun excerpt:

Are you up for some wordplay? Please give me one word that describes some of the New Moon actors starting with the Wolf Pack. OK, Bronson Pelletier [who plays “Jared”] …

Aw, man. [Laughs] Jokester!

Kiowa Gordon [aka “Embry Call”].

Bewilderment. [Laughs] He's always thrust in these crazy situations that … he's pretty young. At 19, I didn't have these crazy things. I mean, I'm 24—I consider myself a man. I have a wife, a son, and I've had some practical life experience. This kid just got thrown into it, so it's new to him. To me he always has this bewilderment about him.

Tyson Houseman [“Quil Ateara”].

He'll know what this means. Vespa. Scooter.

Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”]

Taylor! Loyal.

Gil Birmingham [“Billy Black”].

One word is really hard. I would say … intuitive.

Chaske Spencer [“Sam Uley”].

Aw man, love him. Wisdom.

Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].

Aw, she's awesome. I would say badass. (<-- woah yeah!)

Rob Pattinson [“Edward Cullen’].

Patient. (<-- hmmm!)

Check out Vanity Fair for the full interview where he also talks about fun stunts, hanging on set and shooting Eclipse!

- Lorabell


  1. she sooooo is. he got that right for sure. haha

  2. I adore him. I loved the interview, thanks for pointing us to it.

  3. "Love is patient, love is kind". In my interpretation, Rob was patient because he waited all this time for KStew. But that could be my crazy mind tuned on the Robsten station 24/7. Hahaha! <3

  4. I like your edit at the beginning. some of those made me laugh...well mainly Tyson's...haha. I love reading his tweets cause they can be really random.


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