September 5, 2009

Yummy Kellan and PFach at LAX

A lil' hunky vamp to start your Saturday :D

Thanks AshleyTWA via TwiFans

- Lorabell

Update: According to CullenBoysAnon Peter went on to Atlanta for Dragon Con :)


  1. It's no secret that I find Mr. Lutz uber sexy but the more I see pics of him I kind of just want to take him aside and be like, "So, where you get that bag? Um, those sweats you wore the other day were rockin' where did you pick those up from?"

    Oh, Lawd I'm more interested in his fashion choices than his beauty.

  2. @TJB: Lol, I really like that bag too - random!
    - Lorabell ;)

  3. hahahaha TJB you are cute xDD
    I can't even concentrate on his fashion,i just can see lips and arms and chest and *droooool* xD

  4. hmmm... im more interested in la fach ;)


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