September 28, 2009

Yellow Handkerchief screening in Chicago

The Chicago International Film Festival has announced a screening on October 18 of The Yellow Handkerchief and describes it as:

Gorgeous in its visual execution and sublime in its emotional resonance, The Yellow Handkerchief is a timeless story of trust, forgiveness, and love. After serving six years, Brett Hanson (William Hurt) is released from prison with quiet dignity and subtle remorse. Bound for home, but unsure if his wife (Maria Bello) will welcome him, Brett accepts a ride from two wayward teens (Kristen Stewart, Eddie Redmayne). At first, he keeps to himself, but in time he becomes a trusted father figure and begins to slowly reveal the secrets of his troubled past. As Brett watches young love blossom between his two new friends, he is reminded that true love is worth waiting for, and sometimes fate gives you a second chance.
Via Kristen Stewart Fan

- Lorabell (blatantly missing some KStew)


  1. Saw it last year at a special screening in LA. It was pretty good. I do love Eddie Redmayne, so that part was a delight.

  2. Oh I can't wait to see it :) x

  3. she is sooo perty! I miss kstew news. :( lol


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