September 26, 2009

Would Taylor swap wolf-fur for leg-warmers?

Just Jared Jnr reports:

Taylor Lautner could’ve been a musical man!

M magazine caught up with Keke Palmer recently and she spilled about meeting the Twilight hunk at auditions for Fame, which hit theaters TODAY. Keke shared, “We were both up for roles in the movie, and we both didn’t get parts.”

Keke confessed later in her interview, “He wouldn’t have been able to do Twilight if he did Fame, so I’m happy he lost out."

I think Taylor'd be a great dancer - with all those back-flips, etc - but wonder if he's a good singer...?

Thanks Lynda!

- Lorabell


  1. OMG, no way! he tried out for FAME!!!! I had no idea!!!

  2. he probably tried out for a dancing part that didn't need singing; he sang as shark boy I doubt that could get him a part in fame

  3. He WHAAAAA?
    So he tried out for FAME? How come I never heard this before!!!!!???

  4. He's too fat! Plus, he's really lucky he got Twilight because he won't be having much of a career once it's over.

  5. Good thing he didn't get it. I literally read that Fame will make you "wish for the complex characters of High School Musical." They took away all of the grit that made the original Fame awesome!

  6. @ anon 5:15- a little bitter/jealous/judgemental about someone you don't know?!!
    I think Taylor has a lot of talents we don't necessarily know about- time will tell!!

  7. Yes Heidi Ho anon@ 5:15 IS JEALOUS ! WE all know Taylor will be huge after this. Anyone who is part of this movie franchise will do big things. Taylor fat ? PLEASE AFTER that comment everything that person says is BS !
    Let's NOT compare Fame to Twilight.

  8. He prob lost the role, cause he looked so young at the time, especially if it was pre-twilight taylor. The main leads in fame seem to look 20ish

  9. @Anon 1:18 AM- Critics complained that the leads were far too old to be portraying high school students. Taylor and Keke would have been perfect age-wise. I'm glad he wasn't chosen because the movie looks like it stinks.


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