September 1, 2009

What quote would you use?

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Special thanks to Cynthia who emailed in these Vamplicious versions of the Twilight Beauty images - I love how the quotes fit so perfectly with their expressions ;)

- Lorabell


  1. i LOVE the grand theft auto one :)

  2. Me too, it's so witty and sooooo Alice :) <3 x

  3. I love alice, she is quirky and fun, Can't wait till nov 20th

  4. The first one is funny 'cause I would imagine if Kristen went to a store and saw that, she'd buy every last one and then dispose of them. LOL!

    And I too love Alice's expression, it is very fitting with the quote. Love her little mischievous smirk!

  5. One of my fave Alice quotes is in Breaking Dawn where Edward and Alice are fighting over who gets to give their birthday gift to Bella first and Alice says

    'I know, I'll play you for it, Rock, Paper, Scissors.'

    and Edward says:
    'Why don't you just tell me who wins'

    and Alice replies:
    'I do. Excellent.'

    That's so funny and also before that she says:

    'But look how she's dressed. It's been killing me all day. That is clearly the priority.'

    Alice is my second favourite Cullen (We all know who is 1st lol!) :) x

  6. hmm... i can never choose between emmett and alice. they are both great :)

    obviously, edward is my favourite BUT although i am team edward, i have to admit that jacob is one funny dude!


  7. @twilightislife I have to agree with that:

    "Go fetch a space heater. I’m not a St. Bernard."

    Although Edward always has a witty response what with being able to read what the other person will say next. x :)

  8. haha!

    bella asks jacob how he is feeling ... "a little stoned. dr fang isn't sure how much pain medication i need so he's going with trial and error, think he overdid it"
    gets me every time ;)

    "did you seriously just stamp your foot? i thought girls only did that on TV" haha


  9. Lol yeah the first one is one of my favourites too :) x

  10. I love these! so funny. Alice's character is hilarious.

    Sparkles - I also love the rock, paper, scissors - made me laugh out loud when I was reading the book!

  11. Yeah everytime I read it, I can just picture it. I end up laughing all the time. :) x

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