September 16, 2009

Want to play with Robward's hair?

Oh. Mah. Edward!

It's so wrong... and yet could be so right - who wouldn't want a town full of sex-hair, even if only for one night?!

Me thinks the Twitarded gals are going to love this ;D

Thanks TwiFans!

- Lorabell

OMG, what is this?? A Halloween costume?? I am going to buy it for Mr. TCA. hehe. -- TCA


  1. What the hell? is this for Halloween? haha im going to make my boyfriend wear it, and i'll dress up like bella hahaha omg!!!

  2. Night Time Romeo. That is hi-larious!

  3. that picture looks like a girl!

  4. More weird Twi crap! Let's see how many Edward and Bella we see knocking at the door this Halloween.

  5. Well we can make our own Edward Cullen...we can buy a mannequin with abs and a beautiful butt and a jaw and then we put this hair and walaaa...well, at least is no I don't like it!

  6. Seriously, where is this sold? I searched for this on a few different halloween costume sites and could not find it.

  7. haha!!! I actually saw this today and I almost choked - nice subtle way to sell "The Edward" costume - "Romeo of the Night" indeed - I about died!!

    And YES I want to play with his hair. But not like this!!! I wouldn't subject Mr. Snarky to that but sadly a lot of whipped guys are gonna be sporting that lame thing this year and hoping they get some - suckers!!

    Twilight Sagapalooza called it "A Trannie Mess" - and that's an insult to trannies everywhere!

    : )

    veri word = "mentle" - as in "you'd have to be mentle to put that hot mess on your head!"

  8. OME!

    OK - how many women are going to go out and buy this for their men??


  9. Ugh, that looks really ugly. I can't imagine any man actually wearing it.

  10. Ha ha ha so funny and just plain wrong!

  11. hahah here you go :)

  12. Maybe I'll wear this get-up, and my husband can be Bella for Halloween. She does have a pot belly, right? Or was that a super large muffin-top?


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