September 23, 2009

Want to Audition for Twilight the Video Game?

Cullen Boys Anonymous shares details on how you can audition to be a part of Twilight the Video Game, paraphrased here:
  • Auditions for voice overs will be this weekend in Forks, WA
  • To get more information, you have to contact a flower shop (?)
  • You won't get earn any moolah for this gig
  • If the game sucks donkey balls or Edward looks remotely like RPattz, Summit has the right to destroy all assets so that nobody can ever see or play this game. Like, ever. Because apparently, they own how fans consume and absorb the Twilight Saga.
No seriously, go to CBA to see what the deal is or contact


  1. I just want to comment and say....I friggin Love Darth Vader Potato Head... cracks me up every time.

  2. (off topic but... RE: the first pic of the Edward Sims)... I have a whole Forks town in the Sims 3 ;) It's awesome fun! Especially with all the new traits in the game. (My Edward Sim does look alot like many of those pictured here cause there are pretty limited hair selections in the Sims 3). But I love that I could make Carlisle a doctor, and Edward is musical, and Bella loves to read... Rose is a snob, Alice loves parties, and Emmett has a good sense of humor. My "Wolfpack" Sims turned out pretty great -- though I didn't base them on anyone or anything. It's too hard to model them after the actors...

  3. When I commented on an earlier post (the one about the ipod app), I said there'd be a video game next. There's already one being made, so now I feel like a tard. haha. I THOUGHT I was just being sarcastic...but of course there'd be a video game...


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