September 8, 2009

Want Rob and Taylor on Twitter?

Although Rob and Taylor have confirmed they do not have Twitter accounts, Peter is going to have one of them Tweet when he gets to 1M followers:

... only 74314 to go!

However, as was just confirmed as Mr World Twitternelli... not quite the same ring as "PFach" but if it'll get a blue bird ;)

I think that's worth some Rob and Taylor love... don't you?!

- Lorabell

P.s. Please keep voting TwiCrack for Twilight Tweeter Fan!


  1. I definitely do! I'm already following, so I must now pass on the word :) heheh c'mon 1 million! :)

  2. ha The reason i joined twitter was to follow!! aha.
    i would do ANYTHING to hear from ROB!!!!

  3. Ok, I'm definitely thinking about getting an account now:-D


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