September 30, 2009

Want the NM soundtrack & some more Twi-merch?!

Then ChipChick has the answer with this preloaded Cullen crest flash drive. I wonder if they'll have wolfpack and Volturi versions too....

Thanks Gorgeous_Graham

- Lorabell


  1. When is that coming out though? Tomorrow with the other merch? Maybe we can get our digital hands on the soundtrack earlier? :)

  2. @DazzledAndConfused: If you follow the link it's pre-order only :(
    - Lorabell

  3. Wow, ok I luv me some Twi-merch as much as the next obsessed fan but this one is just such a terrible waste of money.

    First, it's gigantic and the crest doesn't look as purty as the one on my keychain.
    Second, it's only 2GB. You can get a smaller, nicer looking one for a lot less than $40!
    Third, I bet this doesn't come with the extra songs like pre-ordering through iTunes.

    But if someone gave it to me as a present you bet your ass I'm filling it with my Rob porn. =D


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