September 24, 2009

Update: Rome New Moon Preview!

I don't know how to caption this photo without raising eyebrows...

Update on yesterday's Rome preview news:

- There will be an event on October 22 at the Rome Film Festival like there was last year, and Summit “will show ‘used’/repackaged footage like the Comic-Con pieces and on set b roll.”

- “There will probably be one ‘new’ scene [to be determined] just prior to talent introductions and audience Q&A, but will be a few minutes at most.”

- The spokesperson went on to say that Summit is “still discussing specifics internally,” and “will have more details in the coming days.”

- As for who will be there? “It looks like Melissa Rosenberg, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Charlie Bewley will be in attendance.”

Thanks Thinking Of Rob via GossipCop

- Lorabell


  1. That's an old photo from last year's promo. much chemistry, though.

  2. @Anon 8.56: Yeah, I was going for some kind of Italian link, lol :)
    - Lorabell

  3. Oh they're so cute together:) I'm not saying they're "together together" just they're so cute when they're.... together :) lol

  4. Please caption. :)


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