September 1, 2009

'Twilight in Forks' Documentary Trailer

MTV Hollywood Crush shares this exclusive trailer for the new 'Twilight in Forks' documentary.
Shot entirely in HD to capture the picturesque (and slightly mystical) quality of the town and its surrounding environs, "Twilight in Forks" delves in to the Quileute tribe, visits Forks High School and talks with townsfolk affected by the hugely successful film (like the person getting vampire teeth implants!). Director Jason Brown also said to be on the lookout for a real-life Bella and Alice.

"One of the things that you'll see in the film is how vampires actually relate to Forks, and whether there's some truth to the characters that you're familiar with," Brown explained. "This teaser gives you a glimpse at that."


  1. um, wow, that chick that is completely dressed up like Alice? so weird....

  2. Agree weird, bizzare- don't understand why it was made?!!

  3. i do not feel inspired to watch this documentary after seeing this trailer :)

  4. You know, Forks is a nice little town. The people are friendly and have a good sense of humour about the Twilight thing. I have camped in La Push several times in the last couple of years and have been amazed by the beauty of the beaches and forest. I only hope more people that go to Forks enjoy everything it has to offer. In these brutal economic times, this influx of tourism to this small area can only be a benefit.

    Get the Edward shake at the campsite they who in the clip. It is chocolate cherry. Last time I was there, a 13 year old fan wandered by with one saying, "I bet this is just what Edward would taste like."

  5. I'm going next week, and I'll be seeing this movie during Stephanie Meyer Days!

  6. People have to be all mean and stuff. Nobody can just have fun anymore, sheesh.
    The documentary is going to be great.


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