September 3, 2009

Top 10 Twilight Moments

MTV have compiled their Top 10 Twilight moments:

Spunk Ransom Is Born
In one of his first interviews for the "Twilight" franchise, MTV News had nearly an hour alone with the soon-to-be A-lister on the set of the film. Among the many questions we brought him was: "What do you think of your nickname RPattz?" He responded in his usual charming, rambling manner, insisting that he wanted a new nickname: Spunk Ransom. The term has stuck, been officially defined, yielded some very cool "Twilight" merch and is reportedly the easiest way to get a smile out of Rob — er, Spunk — if you should ever meet him.

Don't Count Out Taylor
Barely a month after "Twilight" opened at the top of the box office, young Taylor Lautner had become the J.D. Salinger of the series — disappearing from the spotlight and leaving many to wonder whether we'd see him again. Just when the consensus among fans seemed to be that his role would be recast with a more physically impressive actor like Michael Copon, we found Taylor at a tiny red-carpet event. Noticeably larger, he revealed that he'd been working out around-the-clock, was about to meet with "New Moon" director Chris Weitz and vowed to return as Jacob. Finally, "Twilight" Nation could breath a sigh of relief.

Kristen's Near-Death Experience
We all know that Kristen Stewart is a great dramatic actress, but when she said that filming the next film "killed me," that took it to a whole new level. As KStew's quotes rocketed around the Web, Twilighters became even more eager to see her "New Moon" performance.

Fach's Bikini Incident Peter Facinelli. A one-of-a-kind Twitter bet. A grown man in a bikini dancing down Hollywood Boulevard. Need we say more?

Catherine's Pimp Pad
Who else but MTV could get exclusive access to Catherine Hardwicke's house/office, the place where the "Twilight" movie phenomenon began? The affable director generously opened her home and gave us a tour of the backyard where Lautner auditioned, the dining room where KStew read her lines — and the bed where she and RPattz first kissed.

The RPattz Surprise In May 2008, we held a contest and landed "Twilight" fan Laura Culpepper as our guest correspondent. But what she didn't know is that we had arranged for Rob himself to tiptoe in behind Laura while she recorded an on-camera segment and give her a sneak peek at "Twilight." Without a doubt, this is one of the most memorable pieces of video in all the "Twilight" fandom, revealing Rob's fun side.

Name Those Fans Once upon a time, an epic battle raged between Twilighters and Twi-Hards over which was the proper name for the fanbase. Since we're peacemakers as well as journalists, we held an epic poll to settle the matter once and for all. Rob, Kristen and the other stars of the series announced the results — and it's been Twilighters ever since.

A Special Spoilers Evening To celebrate the conclusion of all those very special Twilight Tuesdays, MTV gave a few hundred Twilighters the chance to attend a taping of our movie special "Spoilers." All the stars were there, it was a night to remember, and the show continues on as the renamed "Behind the Screen," which airs Friday and focuses on films such as "Jennifer's Body."

RPattz Needs Undies Last November, we reunited Rob and Laura for a revealing interview that may have been, well, a bit too revealing. Ever wonder about Rob's toenails, his parking-ticket troubles or his underwear? Well, then, you need to watch this.

100 Monkeys Hit MTV As his fans know, the only thing more fun than watching Jackson Rathbone act may be seeing him in concert. Which is why we were eager to go backstage and onstage to watch his band 100 Monkeys perform at a club in Hollywood. Since then, we've caught the band again at TwiCon and spoke to him recently about the Monkeys' plans to score his new movie. Rock on, Jackson!

I must say, the creation of Spunk Ransom was pretty epic but there are so many other moments - Spider Monkey, Rob's abs, Taylor's abs, Kristen's HAIR - what are your Top Twilight Moments?

Thanks Twilight Poison

- Lorabell


  1. KS dropping her award at the MTV awards.. priceless! and her interaction to the reporter at Twi-con that asked the question about her and Rob off screen relationship "Are you kiddin me?"
    Boy I could think of one from all in the cast, but those stand out to me as the funny ones.
    I'm sure the younger followers will have a better memory, mine is shot as of late:))

  2. I like how during the Twilight days the whole cast were pretty much still all unknown faces and were very enthusiastic and toenails and underwear..Sometimes i wish we could get back to the old days : ( But i do appreciate taylors new abs : ) lol.

  3. @Heidi Ho - I agree - Kristen dropping her award was just so.....Bella! :)

    Also I agree with @Anon, one thing I think that has helped us all REALLY imagine these people as the characters, as that they don't bring much of a past with them. I'm trying to get over them casting Dakota Fanning. My only disappoint with casting, for the mentioned reason. When I see her, I don't think "Jane", I think "Dakota Fanning" but I digress....

    most of these really don't feel like "best of" they feel like MTV trying to plug their own moments with the Twilight cast. I only agree with #2 and #3.

  4. Okay, well I did just watch the "RPattz needs undies" video interview, and that WAS pretty hilarious.

  5. @Heidi-Ho: OME - those ARE the best moments EVER!

  6. The ALMOST Rob and Kristen kiss at the MTV awards... Oh my!

    @Heidi Ho: Yes, it was just perfect! We love clutzy Kirsten :-)

  7. How could they miss out the almost kiss?! Although I totally agree with 'Heidi Ho' also, however, those interviews with Rob and Laura had me literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD. If you haven't seen them already... you've had over a year! Get with it! ;)

  8. yes when she dropped her award that was sooo cute hehe :)


  9. I agree with Snowflake, it's all about plugging MTV. Not exactly the best ever Twilight moments!! Very very sly MTV! :p x

  10. Enough with Bella's hair (wig). Let me also say I LOVE your site. Keep it up!! I must have my daily fix of Twi-Crack.

  11. Does anybody have a link to a clip of Rpatzz Surprise???
    I really would love to see it ^^


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