September 6, 2009

Taylor and Jackson say hello to Switzerland

I can remember seeing clips like this from the set of New Moon from Rob, Ashley, Rachelle *tear* but don't think they were Switzerland specific.

So for all you actual Team Switzerlanders out there, enjoy!

Thanks to Renesmee for emailing these over :)

- Lorabell

P.s. I'm Team Edward all the way but Taylor really does make me so smiley! What is that?!


  1. Jackson looks really hot

  2. Jackson is! Taylor is a cutie...and EW TEAM EDWARD

  3. *D* (aka Danish) Twi-loverSeptember 7, 2009 at 7:16 AM

    Ok, now I'm freaking out. Does this mean, that New Moon won't premier untill christmas in Switzerland? Does that go for other european countries as well.... Argh I need to do a lot of research right now to cool me down, won't wait any ,onger than november 20th!

    BTW guess I'm team Switzerland, there's just more to love, you know? :-D

  4. @*D* (aka Danish) Twi-lover said...
    now in switzerland, germany and austria, New Moon release on 11.26.09. they change the date after they have made this video :)


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