September 9, 2009

Taking on Aro Earned Michael Sheen Brownie Points with his Daughter :-)

BBC has a an interview with Michael Sheen where he dishes on Twilight, and also talks about how being in New Moon has scored him big points with his daughter:
[Sheen] said: "The best thing about it is I'm now a poster on my own daughter's wall, which is about the best thing that could ever possibly happen.

"When they first asked me if I wanted to do it, I hadn't read the books or anything, so I had to ask my daughter what the character was like without tipping her off… because I didn't want to get her all excited if I didn't end up doing it.

"She said she thought Aro, my character, was bald but he's got long black hair so I hope I haven't ruined it for her by not being bald. She cried when I told her.

"No matter what happens I have to be at the premiere in LA. That's the whole reason she wanted me to do it, so she could go to the premiere."
How cute! Read the rest of this interview at BBC.

[via Twilight Examiner]


  1. she's so god damn LUCKY! enough said! :)

  2. I love it that he's a poster on his daughter's wall---that really is tender.

  3. LMAO, that's hilarious.


  4. i just LOVE michael sheen and have been watching his movies lately!! underworld rocks and his a killer tony blair ;) and i was totally blown away by his role as nero!!

    and he has answering my questions on twitter!! that's so cool :)))

    and i totally think that lily is the luckiest girl on this planet *lol*

  5. hehehe I love Michael Sheen! I wish I could be his daugther too lol!

  6. Aww that's precious. I adore Michael Sheen.


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