September 10, 2009

Stephenie Meyer Website Update: Midnight Sun Hoax Alert

Seth has updated Stephenie's official site with an important message:
Hi. I hope everyone is having a great week.

It has come to my attention through several concerned emails that many popular websites like MySpace and Facebook are displaying ads offering a chance to win Midnight Sun. This is a hoax. I would advise against giving out any personal information or even clicking on the links.

That is my 'tip of the day' from your friendly neighborhood webmaster. On a more exciting note, we only have to wait 71 more days until New Moon the movie hits theaters! In case you don't want to have to count the days on your calendar (like I just did) every time you think about Edward and Jacob, I've added a countdown widget to the New Moon Movie page (right side).

Thanks, Coral!


  1. Wish he would say something about her FINISHING the book. aaahh!

  2. I'm with Snowflake....I just re-read the 1st part of Midnight Sun for the 3rd time! Hello....

  3. Really please!!! It rounds out the story SO much better, I LOVE getting to know my vamps and their caring better!

  4. Agree with all of ya- finished the dang book already- then we won't have to worry about hoaxes!! Love the view from Eddie and the vamp family:))

  5. I am getting tired of waiting this is stupid. At this point I wont give her another red cent. She is making her fans pay for something we had nothing to do with. If she thinks that little of us then forget her.

  6. Seth please do something we can't be kept waiting like this ...well we can but it hurts because we're starting to feel like choc addicts licking the wrapping cos that's all we got left
    Nelz in Sa

  7. hey kids, I must say that I am more then a little mad at this point. So the script sprug a leek... sorry for the pain but why are we paying for it? One of my favorit authers (Robert Jorden) was dying of very painful blood desiease and from his DEATH BED dictated notes to his wife and editor so that his FANS would not be left without the rest of the story. After that you can see why I am loosing all repect for Steph. Harsh maybe but thats how I feel. The delay to finish Midnight Sun is childish and cruel to her very loyal fans. Thanks for listening and sorry for the spelling

  8. please please please complete midnight sun please..... i read all 264 pages that were published... it is so beautiful.... don do this to your fans pls

  9. we r your fans... u shouldn do this to us....
    we ll buy ur books... pls release it.. i m from india... here in r small village also al the teenagers have read ur books.... many of the people don even understand english properly... still they ve seen the movies..... u r hurting us.. so much...


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