September 14, 2009

Sparkly, Pouty & Good at Baseball: NPR Assesses New Moon Trailer

NPR reports on what we can learn from the New Moon trailer. With all the things going on in the world, I find it funny that NPR even noticed the new trailer! :-)
If you saw Twilight, you know that we learned that vampires are (1) sparkly, (2) pouty, and (3) very good at baseball. Now, the trailer for New Moon, the sequel out November 20, we learn that they (4) make rash decisions, (5) are under the control of a mysterious robed monarchy of sorts; (6) appreciate that red is eye-catching on camera, and (7) appreciate a decorative fountain, just like anyone.


  1. NPR loves all things Twilight. I am an NPR junkie and in 2008 they had tons of Twilight and Twilight related coverage. They even included Twilight in their 2008 highlights on Dec. 31st.

  2. @VitaminR do you think they archive that somewhere? =T

  3. @SharonMacross--I am not sure. It was on the radio not in print. You might be able to find it archived. But I swear it is true because I kept rubbing it in my husband's eye rolling face that even NPR loves Twilight--ha!

  4. I love NPR! One of my fav Twilight articles (ever) was from All Things Considered in May. The one about "Real Men Read Twilight". I'd link to it here if I could...


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