September 23, 2009

Something Else a Closeted TwiCrack Addict Can Wear...

Thanks to KStewDevotee!


  1. Wow... I have no idea what to say to that...

  2. is someone really trying to sell a Victoria's Secret bra with a hot glued cullen crest on it?!


    geez! give us a break.

  3. hahaha this is ridiculous haha yeah yeah your husband/boyfriend who has to deal with your addiction (obsession) with Twilight is going to be really happy and excited to see you in this bra...right right...haha the person who design this is single hahaha Man this is when you start thinking about your level of obsession!

  4. I think it's hot but I do agree with Ismarie, if I wore that my fiance would really think I'm crazy :D LoL


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