September 23, 2009

Sh-tty Manip(ples)

While looking for the perfect image for the previous post, I came across these nonsensical manipples. People always post good ones, so let's feature some sh-tty ones.

There must be worse ones. Bring 'em on!


  1. hahaha Rob looks so funny..sorry girls but is truth hehe

  2. i actually love the second one haha so cool :)

  3. Ohhh I can do better. Check it out:

  4. hahahahahahahahaaaa I think I just died laughing. Rob would be the ultimate drag queen. The KStew one is kinda cool though.. idk why. @Anna-- that "century of Edward" thing is hilarious, omg the 90's one is so disgusting. No one looks good in 90's apparel/style.

  5. I wouldn't say they are sh**ty manips, they are actually pretty good, you just disagree with them because you love 'Edward' and 'Bella' so much.
    They are actually kind of funny. :)

    I can separate my love for the twilight actors from funny pics of them.

  6. The one of Rob is hilarious!!! I bet if he ever saw it he'd laugh at it too. lol

  7. Thought you might like my New Moon collages :)

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